Here you can order high-quality prints and/or artisan products presented below.
This way you’ll directly support our work and help gaining recognition of local artisans  who donated their works to help the project live and grow. And! We will be tremendously happy to know that bits of the Med are living on all around the world.

You can customize your selection and make it fit your home!

  • dance with mary collection 
  • sun/water collection
  • MED Collection
  • ivana petan-ceramics
  • trim

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Size: 42 cm × 60 cm = A2

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CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new housemate!

All images are printed on the highest quality fine art photography paper. Besides printing, we can fit your chosen print in a frame, mount or both according to your preferences. In case you would like to inquire about any customization or special arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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