Easter in Pitve-Svirče-Stari Grad

>5. 4. 2018<

As part of 3D>2D photo workshop /bb/ we witness Easter in Pitve-Svirče-Stari Grad

Za križen [za kriʒen] (local vernacular Croatian for “Following the Cross”) is a night Procession that happens every Maundy Thursday on the island of Hvar, Croatia. The event has centuries of tradition and is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.
The Procession is a unique ceremony of a special piety, and an expression of a religious and cultural identity of the inhabitants of the middle part of the island of Hvar
The backbone of the Procession is the Gospin plač [ɡospin platʃ] (Croatian: Weeping of the Lady), octosyllabic Passion text from the 15th century that in the form of music Dialog sing chosen singers, kantaduri.