Christodoulos and Ulysses (Ὀδύσσεια Odýsseia) traveling together

The fist team of 2019 MEDLand storytellig-project is related to the last recorded story in 2018: Christodoulos is the heart of the team now - and the focus of the story. How comes? We are four now, plus one.. Eleonora from Berlin, Germany, connected to the project through Workaway-platform. Her skills are journalism - audio, with a finger in video also.

Christos is 84 now. When his daughters asked him who would accompany him on his sailing journey he replied: A few friends - Bojan from Slovenia. Just him, his daughters asked? So, Christos thought he would need someone else: Ulysses. Ulysses? Yes, his Athomos - his spirit, to get into a dialogue. This way Christos wants to really experience the connection between the past and the present: In his own identity, the Greek culture, but also in religion and most of all: human nature. Because for Christos, we are still the same. We share the same problems in live, war, love. And t is time now to release this pain, he says. 

Rituals and conversations with Ulysses are Christodoulous occupation..while he is sailing on his own boat at his age of 84! BUT! every day newborn, with a lot of smile, positive thoughts and joy for life..philosophy, poetry, cipora, good food,…The trip final destination is Ikaria.

Posted by bojanb
6 months ago